What I Did Last Night

Get your minds out of the gutters, my sunny little pumpkin-heads. I went to go see of Montreal with some friends, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. If you ever have the chance to go see them, take it, or at least get me some tickets.

Since I did so many posts on guys wearing dresses yesterday, it sort of made my day when I got there and there was a huge group of boys (obviously masculine-presenting, they were just wearing skirts) who happened to be wearing a some cool dresses. I hope they didn’t think I was making fun of them because I kept smiling at them, but only because I kept thinking “SCREW THE GENDER BINARY! WOO!”* Also, Kevin Barnes, the singer of of Montreal came on in a skirt at one point, and he was wearing makeup and girl’s clothing (or super-androgynous clothing anyway) the whole time, so it was a Night of Genderfuckery, which is my favorite kind. Anyway, I’m exhausted because I still had to go to school today so here’s a video by of Montreal to tide you over.

*They were also pretty attractive. Tip For Boys: If you want feminists to think you’re cool, wear skirts. That is a badass thing to do and we will give you da respect. Also, it is sort of hot so there.


Id Engager

“Id Engager” by of Montreal.

I love of Montreal and their singer/writer/lyricist Kevin Barnes*, and this is one of my favorite songs, plus the video is great… I have three lines that I love (and are kind of feministyish; well, two of them are) and have to belt out no matter where I am.

“He’s just a slutty little flirt” (WOOHOO for reversing double standards, there)

“Ladies, I’m screaming out to you from the depths of this phallocentric tyranny” (anyone who can use the phrase “depths of this phallocentric tyranny” in such a gorgeous, poppy song gets props from me)

and “Ninjas prove it… right?” (because ninjas are cool)

*Seriously, this guy is really, really awesome. Look up some interviews with him or something. Plus, y’know, “Ladies, I’m screaming out to you from the depths of this phallocentric tyranny” is probably the best line in a song I’ve ever heard. And it’s a damn catchy song too.