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This is a real quote from a real Psychology Today article. I tried to read it but I couldn’t get past the first page because it was so disgusting. If you have a stronger stomach than I, you can check it out.

To understand what it takes to be beautiful, we need to be very clear about what being beautiful means—being sexually appealing to men

Fuck that. What about butch lesbians? The average hetero guy does not find them particularly sexually appealing, but they can still be beautiful. And men? Obviously, straight men (the article doesn’t seem to make any mention of any sexuality other than the straight and narrow) are not going to find men sexually appealing, but there are beautiful men. Oh, but wait– the whole point of the article is that women need to be gorgeous and spend their time becoming gorgeous; and by gorgeous they mean sexually appealing to men. Great, too bad I just chopped most of my hair off*, most guys don’t like that; oh well, even though I love my new haircut I guess I’ll go out and buy a platinum blonde wig because I hear that gentlemen prefer blondes. And the other point of the article is that men don’t need to give a shit, because if they are rich women will automatically become super horny and want to have super-sexy fun-times with them, mainly to access their jumbo-jets and caviar and other stuff rich people have. Oh, and in case the author of this ridiculous piece of elephant excrement that needs to be banished to the bottom of the ocean article hadn’t noticed, NOT ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME. When all straight dudes can only appreciate the blonde/skinny but huge boobs/tall but not taller than them/white/long legs/passive, doe-eyed kind of female it will be a sad day indeed. Because while I do not have anything against people who are naturally blonde/skinny but huge boobs/tallish/white/long legs I do have a problem with overly-passive people in general and I do have a problem with guys who think that is the only acceptably attractive type of woman.

It’s a little insulting to guys to say that that’s all they appreciate, isn’t it? Men are all different. They are not a homogeneous group. Gender isn’t that fucking confining. They won’t all like the same things in a woman, appearance-wise.

And I think personality has more to do with it than she thinks. Someone who isn’t conventionally attractive (or really attractive at all) could still be damn sexy, or funny, or sweet, or cute… And while that doesn’t matter in porn (in case you hadn’t noticed, they don’t do a whole lot of character development), it matters in life. Because HEADS-UP, assholes, porn is not life. And while porn is about getting you off, and therefore about appearances, life is not about getting you off.

If you are pissed off by this and need to hear someone rant about this in more detail, go here.

*This is totally true, you guys. It pisses me off that girls are not supposed to have short hair and boys generally get to have all the fun, because this shit is so much easier to work with.


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