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Women: The New Slabs of Meat

Hey, chum-buddy hoo-hoos! So, I was wondering… how sexist do you think it is to compare a woman to a hunk of meat?

Pretty bad, huh? Like, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being neutral and 10 being a dress outlining a lady’s sexy-bits in a way that compares her to a chunk of dead cow meat? Because I was thinking this is pretty sexist.

Oh look! It has a huge sign saying “Rack”! How very clever and not at all creepy. But, seriously? What self-respecting lady WEARS this? What self-respecting lady has the burning desire to compare herself and her sexuality with a dead animal’s flesh for sale? Yeesh. I think this one kind of speaks for itself.

And is it just me, or does this seem sort of serial-killer-y? I feel like a serial killer who has a girlfriend who has no idea he is actually a murderer (“He always seemed so normal!”. Yeah, honey. That’s what they all say) would want his ladyfriend to wear this during their sexytime. And then he fantasizes about chopping her up into itty-bitty pieces, starting with her “RACK”, maybe moving along to her “SHANKS” then carving out a nice “RIB”. Shiver.


One response to “Women: The New Slabs of Meat

  1. Hmmmm….yes, and Ha! Ha! Ha!, and maybe it could be the perfect feminist statement if worn by women in order to make obvious just how stupid observer’s thoughts truly have been. Sort of the silent gotcha. But admittedly, it would likely have to be angry women because none with any fashion sense would do so.

    Isn’t the rack usually the ribs?

    Well anyway, no matter I suppose. At least we were spared the back view.

    What is an effective way to voice our demand for respectful designs without coming across all bitchy and screechy? Litigation is overrun right now, so any other ideas? How about forming a coalition to buy up billboards and show what we would prefer instead? (Starting in states that have already capped the number of billboards.)

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