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It’s Official

I am making it official that I am in love with Ivan E. Coyote. First that awesome video of her (I think she uses female pronouns, let me know if she prefers male or gender neutral pronouns) addressing all the femmes out there, and now this. I am reading her book Bow Grip, and I came across the past two quotes that were too good not to share.

“There is no type of woman that allows a man to hit her. There is only the type of man that would beat his wife.” (150).

How is that for possibly the best way to sum up not blaming the victim in two sentences ever? And my personal favorite,

“Don’t delude yourself into thinking women are the weaker sex, Joseph. They are just expected to tolerate more bullshit than we are.” (150).

These are wise words indeed. Memorize them and use them as a mantra to calm yourself by remembering that sane people do exist when someone says, “Well, she was asking for it” or “She’s such a slut” or “No one’s sexist anymore”.

And then go swoon because Ivan E. Coyote is amazing AND an awesome writer AND speaker, which is too much talent to be fair, and her name is this far from being Wile E. Coyote which is obviously pretty awesome.


2 responses to “It’s Official

  1. Join the club! She wrote an article a little while ago saying she prefers “she,” but doesn’t mind other pronouns.

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