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OMGZ, You’ll Never Believe What Miley Cyrus Did, You Guyz

I am utterly sick of the news. Yahoo is my homepage, and every time I open Safari I have to see some obnoxious headline declaring that Katy Perry’s really outdone herself this time! Or now we have figured out EXACTLY what guys think is smokin’ hot on a first date, and you two can learn all the secrets of being a sexy, sexy beast. And then there will be a tiny little link to something important, like, “World Has Decided That Women Are Second-Class Citizens, Are Now Required To Wear Red V for Vagina”*

All of the big headlines seem to be some sort of proof that the world has been taken over by capitalism-loving, silicone-breasted, brain-lacking sex-zombies. And it’s really, really revolting that what Rihanna wore to the Rich People Getting Dressed Up Awards is considered  more important than… pretty much anything else. Nearly anything would be more important and interesting than that. Like an eighty page scholarly article chronicling the brain autopsy of a tapeworm.

*Ha, this is ironic. I just finished the graphic novel of V for Vendetta and WOW! That is a really, really fantastic graphic novel.


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