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The title of today’s post refers to the flunkies of the Bechdel Test. Named after Alison Bechdel, author of the comic Dykes To Watch Out For, the test is used to determine whether a film is completely sexist and man-centered. It is also so delightfully simple even a jock could do it. That’s pretty damn simple.

Anyway, there are only three criteria, so it’s easy to remember unless you have chronic amnesia. In that case, I suggest Post-it Notes, preferably in a funny shape. The first criteria is that the film has to have at least two women in it. Said characters must have names. They must also have a conversation with each other at least once in the course of the movie, and it cannot be about men. This really shouldn’t be that hard. I am a female with a name who has conversations daily with other females, whom also have names. These conversations are rarely about males.

Once you start paying attention, there are so many movies that don’t meet even this easy-as-1-2-freakin’-3 criteria. And these criteria don’t make a movie “feminist” or even guarantee that the characters are strong female characters. It just means the movie has at least one moment that isn’t about the utter, devastating beauty of the Y chromosome.


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