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What’s Bald and Smelly…

Snogs kangaroos, wears shoes that don’t fit and a bra that’s too tight (and knickers that need a good wash), smokes, drinks, and fights too much for her own good and right now has a mega hangover?

Tank Girl, of course!

I’m a little lazy today, so here’s a gallery of Tank Girl lovin’. Because not only is Tank Girl badass as a… there’s nothing that compares to the badassery of Tank Girl, actually. But anyway, she’s badass, AND is a style icon! So there.

Let’s all give a collective cheer for Wendy O. boobs on Tank Girl. 

I love Booga so much. My favorite Booga quote (O.K., I got lazy and just found it on Wikipedia) is “I’m Tank Girl’s boyfriend. We’re in love. Well, I’m in love and she occasionally pours boiling water down my Calvin Kleins.”

And finally, some classic Tank Girl missile boobs.

I just remembered; I got The Cream of Tank Girl which is a coffee table book about the creation of Tank Girl at my library. Apparently when the creators met, one of their first impressions was that the other guy drew a lot of cocks all over anything. He described it as “a veritable blizzard of cock”.

Sounds like a really terrible nightmare.


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