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Feminism: Now Available in Coed

You know what makes me so happy I could weep tears of soy sauce? (I just had sushi, O.K.?) Male feminists. Gee, Rabbit. You’re probably thinking. Isn’t valuing male feminists over their female counterparts a bit… sexist? And the answer is, yes, that would be sexist. But I don’t value them more; I just give them a hearty pat on the back for overcoming all the b.s. saying feminism is only for women or that feminism is the equivalent of man-hate. Not that women and girl feminists don’t have to deal with that too, but… Anyway, it does my withered old heart good to hear that men are not too thick to realize that the patriarchy exists.

It is for this exact reason that you must immediately trot your hot little selves over to The Masculine Mystique. If you don’t feel like doing that, at least check out his list of male privileges. It is intelligent, well-phrased, and best of all, true. I even printed it out and stuck it in my giant binder filled with articles about feminism, notes from books, etc. etc. I seriously want to have it made into a tiny pocket-edition so whenever someone says or does something sexist, I can whip it out and flip through to the page. If they don’t believe me, I will simply refer them to Male Privilege #22 and then walk away, back erect and chin high and proud. Until a bird poops on me.


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