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Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)

I think “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)” by the Raveonettes is my new favorite song. It sounds so cheerful, and you know how I feel about women musicians. I love ’em like I love that face my dog (well, one of the two) makes when one ear gets flipped up and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth, and his lip is all bunched up and he looks like a dork. I feel like I should dress in a bright yellow sundress and Mary Janes and wear pigtails and go skipping down the hallway singing the chorus and reveling in the horrified looks passersby give me. What? Boys who rape should all be destroyed. Or, at the very least, neutered and sent to Rapist Camp. I imagine Rapist Camp to be something like summer camp. Only Rapist Camp would NOT be all about lanyards and singalongs and promising to email each other after you leave but never actually doing it. Rapist Camp would be more like, “24/7 maximum security living situation surrounded by 19 feet tall electric fencing and guarded by buff, all-female (transwomen welcome) guards with massive tasers and few qualms about using them”. Rapist Camp would not be as fun as summer camp.

The Raveonettes, writing catchy songs about rape and she has really great hair. No, seriously.


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