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I Blame the Patriarchy

All you feminist fugus (google image search fugus, they’re the cutest fish ever) need to run over to I Blame the Patriarchy RIGHT NOW. She is an awesome writer, and calls herself a spinster aunt. I’ve always wanted a spinster aunt. They seem like they’d wear old-lady MC Hammer pants (you’ve never seen those? I have) and wear huge cat’s-eye glasses and always call you “my little chewy Chihuahua” and you’d never know whether or not that was a compliment but it sounds good. I Blame the Patriarchy is hilarious and informative all at once, which is my favorite kind of feminism. Actually, it’s my favorite kind of anything, except maybe ice cream, because I like my ice cream humorless and ignorant. Tastes better that way. Anyway, I Blame the Patriarchy is an awesomely flipping fantastic name too, and it reminded me of this –

Which is also pretty cool because it combines feminism and hammers, and hammers are fun. Occasionally painful, but fun as a flying Fennec fox. (today I am all about alliteration and animals that start with F)


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