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Breaking News: Feminists AREN’T All Man-haters

I know, this is so revolutionary. Can you believe it? We’re not all hairy, hideous, combat-boot wearing (though I love me some combat boots) Lorena Bobbitts who can’t get a date. Anyway, there has been a study done proving that feminists are “less hostile” towards men. Check it out here. It’s from a while ago, but I thought it was worth posting.

So I have some points to bring up about this. First off, I was reading the comments and there was (as there always is with anything claiming feminism isn’t the antichrist.) a lot of controversy, a lot of which revolved around the sample size. I agree, the sample size does seem kind of small, but I also don’t think you can dismiss the findings because they seemed pretty substantial too.

Also, one comment (maybe more) brought up that the study also says that non-feminists are more likely to be benevolent towards men, so maybe (they implied) feminism isn’t that great. However, I think you need to assess what “benevolence” means. I think it is telling that “benevolence” and “hostility” are two different categories, because non-benevolence in this study doesn’t mean more hostile. And being benevolent could be a bad thing, because cutting a man slack just because he is a man is not a good thing. To me, this study just proves what us feminists have always known; that feminism isn’t about hating men, it’s just about not treating them like gods because of their supposedly-oh-so-fragile egos. I think this study just proves that feminists wait to know the person before passing judgment, and are less likely to let a guy get away with something just because he has a Y chromosome. I know that personally feminism has made me happier and more confident overall; not any more hostile towards men in general, but less likely to let anyone treat me badly because I’m female.

One thing that did make me sad prepared to run out and convert everyone I see into a feminist was how few people identified as feminist. The statistics weren’t really surprising, sadly, but it was still disappointing to see that in every category, the amount of non-feminists was higher than that of feminists. Also, we need more people of color and men to identify as feminist! I realize that one of the stereotypes about feminism is that it’s only for middle-class white women, but that’s just not true. Feminism has evolved to encompass so many more issues than those of middle-class white women. Feminism is for everyone, my little chinchillas, even dudes! I think it would be harder, at least for a guy in high school, to identify openly as feminist because there is just SO much b.s. telling guys they need to be macho and tough and don’t-be-even-a-little-bit-feminine-because-that-would-just-ruin-you-and-no-one-will-ever-love-you-and-you’ll-be-hit-by-a-bus-tomorrow. And even though feminism is just the belief (I refuse to say “the radical notion that women are people”. That’s just too…cheesy.) that women are NOT one category of people and we do not have to be Suzy Homemaker to be “successful”, it’s a label that carries a lot of weight. When most guys hear feminism they’re going to think “woman”, and (unfortunately) often “scary woman”. And I just don’t think most men are secure enough to see through all the macho-man-bullcrap and identify with something that carries those kind of connotations.

But enough of the doom and gloom! Tell your friends about the radical new trend that’s sweeping the nation – FEMINISM! YAY!

But whatever you do, DON’T pass out feminist pamphlets for Halloween. If you do that, you will turn all children against feminism for life. Seriously, don’t do it.


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