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Fashion: Not Just For Skinny White Girls!

I was over at 90swoman (another GREAT feminist blog) and I they had an article about fashion/lack of diversity in it. (big surprise there) Anyway, they had a link to Of Another Fashion, a tumblr dedicated to vintage pictures of women of color dressed in some of the most kickass vintage outfits ever. As a fashion devotee (although I’m more devoted to my huge motorcycle boots than heels right now.) this is awesome. I’m addicted. 

And how gorgeous is this girl? If my hair were still long (it’s chin-length right now) I would try to figure out this hairstyle. Except I would look like a poodle that got caught in a tornado, except instead of going to Oz and having magical adventures, I’d be getting my hair done by Richard Simmons. Which is not nearly as glamorous as the girl above.


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