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Aguilera the Feminist

I love this music video. Is it just me, or is Christina Aguilera actually pretty feminist? I mean, she did a collab with Le Tigre, who are well known for being feminist, and Peaches, who has some of the best electro-raunch (I think I just made up a genre, but what else can you call that song “Slippery Dick”?) around.

And this video is GREAT! It starts with Aguilera dressed in itty-bitty all lavender clothing walking around and a guy grabs hers butt. So she launches into a lecture. I sort of burst into hysterical laughter at the line that goes something like, “you must talk so big/to make up for smaller things”. I now have a new favorite fall-back comeback. And all the calling-the-men-on-double-standards? Rawr. Plus, can we say thumbs up for the few girls who weren’t stick thin? THANK YOU. That was a welcome relief.

While I feel sort of guilty-pleasure-ish for liking such poppy music, it’s kind of awesome too. Anyone who can give a feminist lecture through song in an all-lavender ensemble topped with a baseball hat embroidered with “Lady C” has my respect. Where can I sign up to join Xtina’s posse of lovely ladies? And if I join, can I get my hands on a matching green outfit with a “Lady R” hat?


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